HOUSTON (KIAH) – Google. It’s America’s “search engine bible” where the answer to any pressing question lies at the tip of fingers and the click of a keyboard. So, what did we want to know in 2022?

Wordle reigns supreme!  

“A lot of people were looking for Wordle. Whether they were playing Wordle or trying to figure out what Wordle was, it was the number one top trend across the United States,” said Charity Mhende, Google Trends Expert.

We were also pretty interested in learning more about prominent figures who passed away this year.

“Betty White, Queen Elizabeth, Bob Saget to name a few,” said Mhende.

Now, let’s head to the kitchen. Celebrities and their diets dominated what you wanted to whip up in 2022.

Mhende said, “Jennifer Aniston’s salad and Bella Hadid’s sandwich were among the top trending food and recipe searches as well.”

And let’s not forget the TikTok viral “Marry Me Chicken”.

“I had to look this one up myself. Apparently it’s a type of chicken you cook and someone will want to marry you after you make it,” said Mhende.

Back at home in Houston, it’s no surprise where we wanted be!

Mhende said, “Houstonians were looking for the Houston Rodeo which increased 750% this year.”

Keith Urban, Bun B and George Strait helped to propel the annual event to the most searched phrase in the H-Town.

So, what else is out there? You can go and search for what’s been trending yourself by going on YearInSearch.Google to see what’s been trending this past year.