DALLAS (KDAF) — Some of the most successful poker players in the world understand the concept of all or nothing more than any other person in the world because of two simple words, all in. Putting all the chips in the middle of the table in hopes to walk away with the big win, or see your run on the table come to an end and leave with nothing.

This concept is true for a Texas Lottery player outside of Houston. A $250,000 winning top-prize ticket from Friday night’s All or Nothing drawing was sold in Jacinto City.

The ticket got the win by going all-in matching all 12 of the winning numbers from the June 3 drawing. It was sold at Falcon Express at 11102 East Freeway in Jacinto City and the ticket was not a Quick Pick.

There was also one secondary prize winner who got one out of the 12 winning numbers right to win $500.