HOUSTON (CW39) Houston Humane Society rescued 33 dogs and are now working on relocating them to possible forever homes.

The public has been supportive to the agency’s efforts by donating and contributing support of their efforts. HHS went online via Instagram to express their appreciation…

ANIMAL CRUELTY UPDATE: We are grateful to many of you for your generosity and love shown for these babies rescued last week from a hoarding situation. Together with Sam Houston – Precinct 3 Constables Office-San Jacinto County the 33 dogs were relocated to the Houston Humane Society.

Houston Humane Society, Instagram
Photos courtesy of Houston Humane Society

This week, that update went on to say…

This afternoon, 33 dogs were rescued from a home in San Jacinto County. Working with San Jacinto County Precinct 3, the dogs were relocated to Houston Humane Society, where they are currently being assessed by the shelter’s veterinary team. In any situation involving hoarding, the animals lacked socialization, proper veterinary care and shelter. Most importantly, the animals were never spayed or neutered. The dogs were also found to have observable skin conditions, parasites and heartworms. It will take patience, care and love to get these animals ready for adoption to their forever homes.

At a time when Houston Humane Society is experiencing an overwhelming amount of animals entering their doors, they rely on the public’s help to continue to provide shelter and medical care for animals in these dire situations. The shelter asks that Houstonians consider donating to www.houstonhumane.org. Every dollar helps the non-profit shelter continue this life-saving work.

In this past week, the dogs have been medically evaluated and provided full medical workups. All the dogs are now fully vaccinated and on preventatives.

Unfortunately, a majority of the dogs do suffer from heartworms and will require treatment. They are merely beginning this new journey and have a ways to go before fully healed.⠀

These pups who have experienced severe neglect remain fearful and uneasy around people, it will take time to work through this trauma.

Your support continues to provide a second chance for these animals who have experienced pain and suffering. ⠀