HOUSTON (KIAH) – This Thanksgiving will be a soggy one here in Houston. While you are passing the time until the turkey is fully roasted, you can impress your family with these odd and interesting Thanksgiving facts!

1. Only male turkeys gobble. Why do they do it? Mainly to attract the lady turkeys, or hens, during mating season.

2. There are four cities named Turkey in the U.S. Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana all have a ‘Turkey’ within state lines.

3. Where did the tradition of football on Thanksgiving come from? In 1876, The match up against Yale and Princeton started it off. Yale won.

4. The official date of Thanksgiving was changed. During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt shifted the holiday up one week to give folks more time to shop before Christmas. Before that, it would have fallen on November 30th.

5. Some of the best things were invented on accident, including TV dinners. The original TV dinner was the result of a Thanksgiving miscalculation! In 1953, Swanson miscounted the amount of food needed for the holiday sales. This left them with over 260 tons of frozen turkey. Employee Gerry Thomas posed the idea of sealing up the excess into trays, with some traditional sides to sell to the public as TV dinners.