HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston’s art scene is part of the life blood of the city. From iconic sculptures to magnificent murals, you can find art everywhere. Now one Houston couple has collaborated with 50 artists from various genres to bring art history into full view.

Taft and Dana McWhorter have been part of the thriving Houston Art Scene since 2006. As artists and philanthropists, bringing attention and shining a light on all forms of art, is a true passion and calling for them both. That’s why they believe supporting other artists is just as important to them. And that’s why “50 Artists Houston” was born.

CW39’s Sharron Melton sits down with Taft McWhorter to talk about who’s in the book, the importance of Art in Houston, some of the names featured in the book, and why even those new to art as well as those who love it will all learn so much from this very special and unique look at Houston artists.