AAMA in need of laptops so students can distance learn during COVID-19 pandemic

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HOUSTON- The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans, known as AAMA, runs two charter schools through their non-profit.

During this pandemic, they are distance learning like many students across our nation, but the problem is that they do not have laptops and some of the students do not have internet access either.

“The biggest thing that I am trying to help resolve is just the fact that we do not have enough computers for the students and we have also been working on internet access, bags, all the basic equipment that we need,” explained Debbie Ortiz, AAMA’s Director of Development.

The organization is able to purchase Chromebooks for $250 each. They are hoping to raise enough money to buy 500 computers to start with. Ortiz explains the students having access to computers is vital to them continuing to learn and is even more important for the seniors.

“What really strikes me is that these kids and their parents want them to be able to learn so that they can finish out the school year. We are particularly concerned with our twelfth graders. We need to graduate them and they also have college projects. They need to be applying for college, they need to be filling out their scholarship forms and we just need to help facilitate that,” explained Ortiz.

If you would like to donate towards a Chromebook, you can mail a check to 6001 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX, 77023. You can also donate on their website, AAMA.org.



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