After serving 15 years in prison, Clara Harris is released

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HOUSTON—Notorious convict Clara Harris who served a 15-year prison sentence for manslaughter after running over her husband, David Harris, multiple times in her Mercedes is a free woman.

Now everyone is wondering will Clara come home to the Houston area.

“I could not be more pleased that she is going to be back with her family, back in the community,” her former defense attorney George Parnham shared.

July will mark 16 years since Clara’s crime grabbed the nation’s attention and poked at its conscience.

Harris is a former Friendswood dentist who hired a private investigator to spy on her spouse.

“She said he was cheating on her, and he was going to leave her for another woman and become the father of this other woman’s children,” Bacha recalled.

When investigators tracked down the husband at a Clear Lake hotel with his alleged mistress, Gail Bridges, Clara showed up in the lobby with David’s teenage daughter, Lindsey, and things got ugly!

“Lindsey starts beating her daddy with the purse saying ‘I hate you, Daddy! I hate you!'” Bacha revealed. “Clara grabs Gail Bridges by the hair and grabs, and starts beating her head into the marble floor.”

That’s when the husband stepped in.

“David did grab Clara finally by the face and pushed her face to the floor and said, ‘It’s over, Clara!’ in front of everyone,” Bacha remarked. “It’s gotta be completely humiliating for a wife to have that happen because he left with the other woman.”

Ironically, Clara had hired the investigators to gather evidence on her husband’s philandering, but instead, her crime against her husband ended up being videotaped!

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"His face hits the dash, his teeth are shattering everywhere!" Bacha described.

David's daughter, sitting in the passenger seat, would later testify against her stepmother in court.

"And even Lindsey Harris was in the car saying, 'You're killing my Daddy! Stop!'" Bacha indicated.

"She had all the king's horses and all the king's men trying to make everyone think that this was an accident, and it was not an accident," Bacha insisted.

But now some supporters for Clara Harris feel she has served her time and paid her debt to society, so she deserves a chance to start her life over again.

"I know she paid her time, but I don't know if she really got the help that she needs— the tools that she needs to go back into society," Bacha commented.

"I'm happy for her," Parnham expressed. "But it's going to be hard for her to readjust, but she's very intelligent."

Perhaps Houston will give Clara Harris a second chance.

Only time will tell.

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