HOUSTON (KIAH) More than a dozen Aldine residents spoke at Harris County commissioner’s court on Tuesday to urge Harris County officials to provide more assistance to homeowners and tenants who are being forced out of their homes later this year due to new Harris County projects being built in flood risk areas.

They are calling on Harris County officials to pay the market value of their properties. Some households are offered as low as $7,000 for their property and were given an eviction notice on June 28th, but many have nowhere to go and do not have the money to relocate.

“We need them to not discriminate against undocumented people; this is important. They are offering us less money because of this, but we all pay taxes when it comes down to it, “said Perla Garcia, Aldine resident.

One resident we spoke to says that she has suffered from depression and anxiety, and she worries about where she and her kids will live.