HOUSTON (KIAH) — Alexandra del Moral Mealer, the Republican candidate who challenged and lost to Lina Hidalgo for Harris County Judge in 2022, has dropped her lawsuit challenging the results of the election.

According to a statement put on her page on X, formerly known as Twitter, Mealer claims her efforts to carry the case have now been exhausted and blames Harris County officials for “stonewalling my efforts and restricting my access to information.”

“My goal in filing an election contest was not to relitigate my race, but rather to make sure future races are fair to all voters and candidates,” Mealer said in the statement. “To this end, I south to uncover all the data and records I could that relate to the November 2022 election. Because my efforts have been exhausted, I am now nonsuiting my claims.”

Mealer will now become an advocate for changes to the Texas Election Code.

Mealer lost the race to Hidalgo by 18,000 votes last November, but she joined several other GOP candidates in Harris County who filed lawsuits contesting their election losses, claiming that errors the county made at some polling places, like lack of printing paper, caused some disenfranchisement among voters. But others claimed that Harris County officials were conducting voter fraud because of their alleged mistakes.

Three weeks ago, Mealer’s attorney quit the case, filing a letter with the court that she didn’t support Mealer’s claims of ballot fraud, our news partners reported.

 Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee responded with a statement after Mealer announced the end of her lawsuit.

“I’m glad Mrs. Mealer finally realized what a waste of time and resources it was to litigate this case. She didn’t win the election and she wasn’t going to win the election contest, yet she insisted on continuing to spread conspiracy theories in an attempt to overturn the will of the voters. It’s time for the other losing Republican candidates to drop their lawsuits as well,” Menefee said.

“I look forward to putting this behind us and focusing on moving the county forward. With Early Voting just weeks away, I’m committed to supporting the voters of Harris County and doing my part to ensure a fair election.”