HOUSTON (KIAH) — Every Wednesday at CW39, we highlight a different animal rescue, shelter or foster to show its lifesaving efforts to save all animals and get them into forever homes.

This week, we’re featuring Rescued Pets Movement located on W 34th Street here in Houston, Texas. The non-profit rescues homeless animals here in our community and helps them get adopted into homes across the United States. Its staff isn’t just rescuing homeless animals otff the street–they’re taking in animals from BARC (the city animal shelter) and other animal welfare organizations. From there, RPM provides medical care, boarding and works hard to find the best homes for all pets.

This is all through the help of volunteers! Due to the overwhelming need for animals to find forever homes due to Houston’s animal overpopulation issue, volunteers are a critical need for all shelters, rescues and fosters across Houston and its surrounding areas.

The biggest ways to help is to donate either with funds, supplies (contributing to the rescue’s wish list for dog and cat needs), volunteering, becoming a short or long-term foster and even adopting a new pet into your home!

Tune in this morning on CW39 6:00 a.m-9:30 a.m. for Kara Willis’s report on the rescue’s challenges and how you can help be a part of its mission. To learn more, visit its website here.