Beep autonomous shuttles could soon be coming to the Houston area


HOUSTON (CW39) – Many of us drive our own cars to work each day, but as the population of the Houston area continues to grow, we will be better off if we work towards using other modes of transportation more often.

One alternative could be Beep electric autonomous shuttles. The company was formed a couple of years ago in Florida. Currently, they have eight locations under contract and are deploying twenty more shuttles between now and the first quarter of 2021. As the company grows, we will likely see them in more business districts, downtown areas and even around college campuses.

They provide an alternative to personal transportation and they can seat eight to ten people at a time. The autonomous shuttles are programmed to ride along a fixed route and they have a pair of virtual eyes that Beep says can react ten times faster than a human.

So how can an innovation like this help us get around easier?

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“What these vehicles enable these communities to do is provide that higher occupancy transportation that enables us to truly remove cars from the roadway and ultimately impact safety and address some of the congestion issues you were referencing,” explained Joe Moye, CEO of Beep Inc.

Beep’s first customer is in Orlando and on a single one mile route over the first year, they were able to take 8,000 passenger trips off the roadway by the use of a couple of these shuttles.

Beep is growing and soon, we may see them in the Houston area.

“I’m proud to say we were just awarded a contract with the Houston Galveston Area Council which has put out to bid an opportunity for all entities in that area to procure off of a single contract to access these mobility services and these autonomous vehicles. So that’s the first step, frankly, in our opportunity to get into your specific area,” said Moye.

Moye went on to say that we may be seeing these autonomous shuttles in the Houston area as soon as a few months from now.


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