Breast implants healing overnight? Local MTV star to get bigger bust hours before going to Super Bowl parties

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HOUSTON — Forget about ‘Deflate Gate.’

This MTV Reality star plans to ‘inflate’ her assets to win at the real Big Game this weekend— the Super Bowl parties!

Houstonian Casandra Martinez, one of the single ladies featured on MTV’s “Are You The One?”

Martinez wants to up her game big-time.

“This week I’m excited about getting bigger boobs!” Casandra said laughing. “To help me find my perfect match, it helps.”

The 22-year-old turned to famed Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, who says he’s perfected a surgery technique that allows breast implant patients to heal practically overnight.

“That is just bloodless. And there’ll be very little bruising, very little swelling,” Rose said. “I wouldn’t recommend Wednesday night that she go out and about but certainly by Thursday.”

Casandra is going under the knife on Wednesday in hopes this social butterfly will make a big splash afterwards!

“It’s a little, I guess, unusual twist on the Super Bowl,” Rose said laughing.

Of course, the Roses are no strangers to reality TV.

Dr. Rose’s daughter Erica was a stand-out on “The Bachelor.”

And the doctor’s wife Cindi is “Married To Medicine” on Bravo.

Now Casandra hopes Dr. Rose’s handiwork will give her an edge.

“About to be on my way to, I guess, like a small ‘D,'” Casandra said.

“These implants have a very gummy bear gel-like fill, but they’re still very soft,” Rose said. “The beauty of this implant is it doesn’t really leak, it doesn’t really rupture.”

“I’m so excited!” Casandra said. “I’m just anxious and ready.”

So, will she go all the way this weekend?

Stay tuned to find out when we catch up with Casandra later this week.



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