Bring ’em on! Astros get ready to face either the Yankees or the Indians on Friday

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HOUSTON – The Houston Astros are anxiously awaiting the winner of tonight’s ALDS series between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees to find out which team they will face next.

“Keuchel and Verlander are gonna go 1 and 2– in that order– so I don’t really care who we’re facing,” Astros Manager A. J. Hinch announced. “That’s gonna be the order.”

So, do the ‘Stros have a preference?

“I refuse to root for anybody because it’s rooting for a team that I would then have to play,” Hinch said.

But the ‘Stros have to be rooting for the Yanks tonight since Houston held a 5-2 record over New York this season.

Plus, Houston would have home field advantage and host New York on Friday for the ALCS.

But if Cleveland wins, the Astros have to hit the road to face the Indians on Friday.

And Houston went 1-5 against Cleveland this season.

But that was before ace pitcher Justin Verlander joined the club and before the Astros found their post-season mojo in Beantown.

So, whoever it is, bring ’em on!

Space City is ready to blast off all the way to the World Series, baby!



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