#BringDrakeHome: Texas family claims son was illegally taken by Child Protective Services

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It’s a trending hashtag out of Kaufman County, Texas: #BringDrakeHome. A family claims their medically challenged son was illegally removed from their home by Child Protective Services. The family home-schools their children and are members of the Texas Home School Coalition or THSC, and now the home school community is stepping up and trying to help the family.

It all started on June 7, 2019 when the Pardo family says a CPS caseworker left a card on their door, but the family claims that CPS never contacted them again, and never communicated with their attorney. So when CPS came knocking unannounced on June 20, they pulled out their phone and started recording.

In the video, you can hear the husband and wife question the circumstances behind the situation, claiming that CPS never contacted them nor their attorney to provide any information.

“We have an attorney that has asked many questions, and he has not gotten any answers. We’re willing to work and cooperate, but we are not getting anything. It’s been two weeks,” Mr. Pardo says in the video.

Child Protective Services claim it was an “emergency removal,” but if it was such an emergency, they want to know why CPS didn’t contact their attorney in those two weeks. It’s also important to note that Drake does have a number of medical issues. The Pardo’s say that two months prior to this incident, they had filed a complaint against his hospital, claiming that doctors had mistreated Drake. The hospital allegedly said they would review the matter and get back to the family within 45 days, but on day 46, they had not heard back. That’s when CPS showed up with an affidavit signed by one of the hospital’s doctors.

The THSC is representing the family, and it’s working to raise money for them to help bring Drake home. It also started the social campaign, #BringDrakeHome. You can read more about the case, and watch the video on THSC’s website.

We reached out to CPS and a representative told us in part, “CPS cases are confidential, so I can’t release any details regarding this case. The child is currently in the hospital, and will be placed in a foster home once released. There is a court hearing scheduled for this case next week.”

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