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It’s the age-old question that tends to get every man in trouble– bro night or date night?

But watch out ladies! Apparently those bromances could actually get in the way of your relationship!

New research published in the journal ‘Men and Masculinities’ reveal that the majority of men surveyed said their friendships with close buds were more emotionally satisfying than their relationships with women.

But just because these bros are happy drinking beer and watching sports with one another doesn’t mean they’re not looking for real love.

“The challenge now is finding someone that can fulfill that ultimate package. There tends to be this hierarchy among friendships and a brotherhood has always been something that’s held up there in status. And whenever you have someone that comes in and messes up that hierarchy or threatens it, you can count on these guys banding together and really encouraging each other to keep each other first,” Dr. Viviana Coles, a relationship and sex therapist said.