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Sport or adrenaline rush, it’s definitely trending on Houston streets from downtown to old mall parking lots. It’s called “burnout.” It’s when muscle car drivers, spin out at a high rates of speed and burn their tires in circles, leaving marks on the surface… All for show.

YouTuber BigBee TV posted a recent street event in downtown Houston that was shut down by Houston Police. Cars were captured on video “burning out.” This time, drivers blocked downtown intersections to spin out at a high rate of speed, burning tires in the roadway.

Bystanders only a few feet away from the vehicles captured video of the action on their phones and other video devices. No injuries were seen on video.

Police were also on tape arriving to shut it down after the event, according to BigBeeTV.

Here’s a look.

This video of a similar gathering in a parking lot in Houston captures a compilation of “burnout” drivers. As a precaution, police are also on scene as well as tow truck drivers.

No accidents were captured on tape but the following video below captures a vehicle pursuit by Houston police at the end of the clip.

Here’s a look.

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