HOUSTON (KIAH) The annual Zoo Lights holiday display at the Houston Zoo is nearing its halfway point, and Friday it’s joined by another event.

All of the senior rings from the Fall 2022 graduating class at the University of Houston will be placed inside the zoo’s cougar enclosure as part of the traditional ring-guarding.

Ceremoniously, the zoo’s resident cougars ‘guard’ the rings while graduates pose for pictures safely outside of the enclosure.

This year, the only cougars at the zoo are two cubs who remain in quarantine until they’re ready to go on display.

Still, Shasta VII and Louie did their part earlier this month to ensure the safety of those class rings.

As for Zoo Lights, that holiday lights exhibit runs from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. every day except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

After the animals are put to bed, the zoo reopens with thousands of glittering Christmas lights and other holiday displays for families to enjoy.

Tickets for both events need to be reserved online.

Admission to the zoo is always free for University of Houston students with a valid student ID.