HOUSTON (CW39) — With an increase in catalytic converter thefts around the Harris County area and the country, the County has and enough. It’s now setting up new rules and regulations when it comes to who can and can’t get money for used catalytic converters.

Harris County Attorney Christian D. Meneffe presented an update to the county’s metal recycling regulations, to try and address the reselling of stolen catalytic converters.

In a statement, Menefee said, ” Harris County has been plagued by a recent increase in thefts of catalytic converters, some of which have turned deadly. These new guidelines regulate the reselling of catalytic converters. Not only will it be harder to make money from stolen items, but we are also creating a tracking system for buying and selling. My office worked closely with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to develop a plan that we’re hopeful will prevent these types of crimes in the future”.

To hear more about the plan, see the clip below.