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LEAGUE CITY, Texas- As Texas students continue to distance learn for the rest of the school year, two Clear Creek ISD siblings are making their schools proud.

Michelle and Nicholas Davis are not only keeping up with their school work, they are also using their passions of sewing and 3D printing to help their community.

“At first I just used my brother as a test subject and then I started using my dad and my mom and then my dad and my grandma actually mentioned that I should start giving them away and that’s how it started,” explained Michelle Davis, a sophomore at Clear Springs High School.

Michelle and her brother Nicholas, an eighth grader at Creekside Intermediate, are working to balance school from home and their newfound hobby, making protective masks and ear-relief straps.

“I use a template and then I cut them out and sew them and then give them away,” said Michelle.

Nicholas has a passion for 3D printing and quickly saw a way he could get involved.

“I normally make stuff for fun like little figures or gadgets or something, but then I saw I could use it to help people, so I started printing the mask straps,” explained Nick.

They are donating the masks and ear-relief straps to local first responders and frontline healthcare workers. The project is cutting into their free time, but they are glad to be helping their community through COVID-19.

“Doing something that I love to do and helping others–it just made me feel a lot better,” said Michelle.

“They’re out there risking their lives to try to help us, so I thought we could help them too,” explained Nicholas.

For everyone that is not a first responder or frontline healthcare worker, they’re charging five dollars for masks and two dollars for straps.

Michelle has made more than fifty masks and Nicholas has made more than 100 ear-relief straps.