“Lemonade Day” Program inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs!


Isabela and Patricio as children when they started their first lemonade stands.

When you think of a lemonade stand, you think of children, setting up a cool drink, in front of their house, trying to earn money. Here in Houston the “Lemonade Day” Program takes the traditional concept to a whole new level.

Isabela and Patricio Orvananos of Houston, started their first lemonade stand at the age of 6. Now, 11 years later, at the age of 17, these twins are true entrepreneurs. In fact, their journey in the world of business has helped them to donate to help others, create even more stands and activities to help other kids learn about business too.

CW 39 Anchor Sharron Melton has their story. Then, check out www.lemonadeday.org for more information.

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