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HOUSTON — Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee along with other elected leaders, medical professionals and concerned Houstonians took over city hall Monday to stand for healthcare.

Lee has continued to voice opposition toward the Senate Healthcare Bill and the rally serves as her last attempt before Congress goes back into session.

Jackson Lee believes that the Senate’s current proposal would cut too much out of Medicaid and believes the long term effects from that would be fatal.

“No one should say we’re so big a country that dying doesn’t bother us. I came home for one day, to fly out the next day, because dying people bothers me,” Jackson Lee said.

Jackson Lee also called for both political parties to make improvements.

“This is not republicans, this is not democrats, this is about Americans and American healthcare. We need to work with anyone who wants to get good healthcare for Americans,” said Jackson Lee.

According to CNN, Jackson Lee’s rally was among many seen throughout the Country Monday.

Republican senators returning from recess were greeted by protesters on Capitol Hill demonstrating against GOP efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Sens. Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, Rob Portman and Lamar Alexander, all Republicans, had protesters either inside or in the vicinity of their offices, holding signs and chanting their opposition, including “Save our lives, kill the bill” and “Come out and talk to us.”

Some of the protesters outside of Cruz’s office lay down on the ground, blocking foot traffic, forcing Capitol Police officers to carry them down the hall. Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki did have exact details of the protests as of Monday afternoon.

Cruz and Portman both expressed opposition to the Senate’s health care bill before leaving for the July 4 recess, though Cruz had recommended and GOP leadership was considering an amendment to the current legislation.

Cruz, Flake and Portman also faced protests in their home states during the previous week’s congressional recess. A protester was arrested after making threatening comments outside Flake’s Tucson office. At least 15 demonstrators were arrested after two days of protests at Portman’s office in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. Cruz faced a large group of protesters at a parade in McAllen, Texas. Speaking to CNN affiliate KVEO last week, Cruz said the demonstrators were an illustration of democracy at work.

“One of the great things about freedom in America is even people who disagree can speak out, and there is a small group of people on the left who, right now, are very angry,” the Texas senator said last week. “We can engage in cordial and civil debate — that’s how democracy works and that’s how it’s meant to work.”

President Donald Trump took to Twitter in the early morning hours to address the public’s concerns. Tweeting, “I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!”