HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s common to see dogs working at airports, but they’re typically large breeds serving as police canine units.

But when it comes to sniffing out foods and plants people are trying to sneak in from other countries, Customs and Border Protection uses beagles, who they say have the perfect noses for the job.

With airports packed for the Thanksgiving holiday travel season a beagle named Cody is working like — a dog.

He and his human handler inspect luggage coming in on international flights for anything that could be hazardous to our ecosystem.

“Our main goal is to prevent the introduction of foreign pests and diseases into the country,” CBP Agriculture Specialist and Cody’s handler Ashlee Willett said. “So even if you have like an apple, an orange, a ham sandwich, pork tamales that are delicious, (they aren’t allowed into our country from abroad).”

To avoid a fine of hundreds of dollars, CBP says to declare if you have any of the following in your luggage when you return to the U.S. from traveling internationally: fruits, vegetables, plants, cut flowers, meat, animal products, live animals.