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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A Cy-Creek High School band director was arrested Friday after investigators uncovered his alleged affair with a former student back when the woman was a senior at the school. The former student initially denied the allegations, but is now corroborating with investigators.

Brian Thomas Drake, 35, is charged with improper relationship with a student. Investigators said Drake and the student had sex at least two to three times; including at his home, the student’s home while her parents were out and in the parking lot of a church along Highway 249 in Cypress.

The student remained silent about the relationship because Drake told her he would kill himself if she told his wife or anyone else, court documents state.

On Sept. 16, the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District received a hotline tip regarding the relationship. Officers said administrators identified the suspect on a voicemail, which was sent with the tip.

“I’m going to blow my [explicit] brains out. Okay? And that will be your fault, a hundred percent,” court documents quoted Drake.

Investigators said the student’s parents shared her phone with investigators, who found numerous sexual text conversations sent between the two during the 2015-2016 school year. Officers said the student then admitted to the relationship, saying she met with Drake in a church parking lot on January 15, 2015 and they committed sexual acts.

On June 21, investigators said Drake admitted to having a sexual relationship with the victim but insisted it happened after she had graduated.

In a later interview, the former student told investigators she and Drake were always cautious about their relationship. The two also had an ongoing joke, calling their secret relationship “Operation Brian Drake keeps his job.”

“We always said that,” the former student was documented as saying in court records.

The victim also told investigators, “we weren’t dumb, we would delete texts.”

Cypress Fairbanks ISD officials released the following statement:

“We were deeply concerned to learn about an alleged inappropriate relationship between a staff member and a former student at Cypress Creek High School. Due to the seriousness of the allegation, the staff member was immediately removed from the campus. Law enforcement conducted a full investigation, leading to the arrest of the suspect. We fully support the swift prosecution of anyone caught violating student safety.”