HOUSTON, (KIAH) — Wednesday is the deadline for power companies to submit plans for the winter to the public utility commission. As the winter season quickly approaches, there’s one concern that still remains, whether or not Texas is ready to handle a potential winter storm again.

If you recall earlier this year, the state had record low freezing temperatures, snow, icy roads, and power outages. leaving people in the cold with no running water.

The Texas Tribune says, “people should probably be worried”: Texas hasn’t done enough to prevent another winter blackout, experts say.”

With natural gas being the main source of power for the majority of electricity in Texas, especially during winter, some power companies say the state’s gas system is not prepared for another deep freeze.

On the flip side, ​Texas lawmakers passed legislation aimed at making the grid more resilient during freezing weather. Gov. Greg Abbott’s responded to the bill by saying, “everything that needed to be done was done to fix the power grid.”

The PUCT and Ercot plan to review more than 900 reports. By the end of next week…Ercot will file a public report summarizing how power plants are complying.

In an effort to get ahead, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) created a new rule to ensure electric companies can handle another winter crisis.

This “new rule” is a part of the Texas legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 3 (S.B. 3) in response to the devastation to the energy grid. The winter crisis impacted millions of people in the state.

The goal of this bill is to make energy systems more resilient. S.B. 3 is a requirement that the PUCT implement winter weatherization requirements and weather readiness recommendations.

Along with proper planning, the rule also requires entities impacted by the last storm to fix any known, acute issues that arose from winter weather conditions during the 2020-2021 winter weather season.

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