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HOUSTON — Attention Houston Tinder users: if you are having trouble getting matches, it may not be your fault. It could be your job, which is getting you left-swipes. Swipers, take notes!

Below are the most swiped-right jobs for the men and women of Houston in order of most favorable, according to Tinder.

Ladies, first.

Marketing director

Hey, Houston men are not afraid of a little ambition.


Who doesn’t have the hots for a teacher

Real estate agent

She probably has a sweet crib.


They can, literally, see through you.


There is nothing like a boss chick, right?

Registered nurse

She’ll keep your heart beating.

College/Graduate student

Education is always sexy!


She’s hip, she’s creative, you dig it.

Flight attendant 

It’s hard to beat well-traveled lady.

Clinical dietitian

She’ll keep that dad bod in check.

If you’re a man in Houston with a job on this list, your Tinder inbox is likely poppin:


There is nothing sexier than a man who is good with kids.

Chief Operating Officer

Ladies can always get down with some good ol’ Benjamins.

Financial analyst

Did we mention, Houston ladies love a man with Benjamins?


He’s smart and he’s financially stable. That’s a yes.


Well, duh.


Free adventures with bae? Hell yes!

Human resources manager

He’s organized and good with people.


Does he know the formula to the perfect make out?


He’s artsy and he’s not afraid to show it.


The title has a hot ring to it.

So Houstonians: if you want more fish in you Tinder sea, maybe consider switching to one of these career lanes. Let out a deep breath if your job made the list, Houston Tinder users think it’s hot!