HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston police and the FBI are looking through surveillance video to find two men who ambushed and gunned down a man on the 2600 block of Mid Lane near San Felipe in River Oaks just after 6 p.m.

HPD police chief Troy Finner said at a press briefing that he believes the shooting was “targeted,” but did not explain why he and investigators think that.

It’s rare for the police chief and the FBI to respond to a shooting scene like this. But Finner said that there were “multiple, multiple shots” that were fired at the scene.

Finner described the victim as a Black man in his 20s driving a white Mercedes. The description of the killers we have so far is vague, only described as dressing in all black, even wearing shades.

We’re told they got away in a black Mitsubishi.

Finner said that it is an active investigation and is asking the public for more information.