HOUSTON (KIAH) – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To better inform our viewers, we sat down with Dr. Kaitlin Bokhari, breast surgeon at Baylor Scott and White, to get some answers for your questions.

We asked her: Are there different types of breast cancer, what are their symptoms, and why is early detection so important?

“There are different types of breast cancer and presentations can range from asymptomatic which is why we recommend mammograms to palpable masses or even just subtle skin changes like changing color changing thickness or nipple inversion. And so these are all symptoms that if a woman had we would want them to be evaluated quickly by a doctor,” she explained. 

Dr. Bokhari added, “Early detection is so important because it allows us to treat the cancer at an earlier stage which can result in improved prognosis for patients and better outcomes in the long run.”