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LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas– Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, look what washed up in the Trinity River in liberty county.

“It’s a bull shark,” Jared Moser, who found the creature on Tuesday, said. “We know that for sure because the game warden came down here early this morning. He checked it out. He said this is where it’s been drug in right here and he says you could tell because it fell down right there and that’s where they drug it in.”

Yeah, a game warden thinks the dead shark was tossed into the river, but it also may have just swam too far upstream.

“They say that bull sharks come in here,” Moser said. “They say they swim up river, where there’s freshwater, so they can lay their baby sharks, so the other sharks don’t eat ’em.”

But you can imagine this guy’s reaction when he first stumbled upon the creature beached along the river bed.

The 25-year-old said he was four-wheeling along the riverbank Tuesday when he made the grim discovery.

“I thought I seen a big ‘ole catfish on the side of the bank or whatever,” Moser said.

But then he realized what it really was!

Who knows how exactly this monster really got here?

One thing’s for sure, you’ve gotta be pretty brave to go swimming in these waters, which already have alligators and other slimy creatures.