Houston greats make list of highest-paid athletes in the world

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HOUSTON – Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes is out and some Texans are doing alright.

Houston native and current Colts QB Andrew Luck comes in at #6 making a cool $50 million a year.

But considering his performance last season, isn’t he a bit overpaid?

“I think that $50 Million is a lot of money, but I think that he is doing a lot for that money compared to someone like Kim Kardashian who doesn’t do anything,” Houstonian Sarah Schneider said.

Coming in at #9 is Houston Rockets guard James Hardin, who makes about $46.6 Million a year.

There’s plenty of reason to ‘fear the beard’ at that price.

Basically, he scored over $23,300 a point this season.

“He’s probably worth it based on the amount of attention he can draw,” another local said. “I think the problem is bigger that sports figures are overpaid, and our society’s obsessed with sports. And I think that’s not productive.”

After Hardin, Dallas resident golfer Jordan Spieth comes in at #21, making only $34.5 Million.

“I do think that all athletes should get paid roughly the same, just because they’re all putting in roughly the same amount of work that they all do on the team,” sports fan Evan James said.

Other names on the list are the Texas Rangers, Prince Fielder; the Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki; the Spurs, Lamarcus Aldridge and Houston native DeAndre Jordan of the LA Clippers.

Superstars missing from the list were names like JJ Watt and Dez Bryant, who at $14 Million, made about $1.7 Million per touchdown last season.

But no Texas athletes could catch the top jock on the list.

That belongs to international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid who rakes in $93 Million a year.





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