Freeze Warning in effect for Houston area overnight Monday and into Tuesday


HOUSTON (CW39)- Monday morning Houstonians woke up to the coolest temperatures we’ve experienced here since February of this year. Temperatures were in the low to mid 40s with feels like temperatures in the mid 30s. However, overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning, temperatures are expected to drop ten or more degrees.

Most of Harris County will be under a Freeze Warning from midnight Monday until 8:00 a.m. Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to get down as low as 28 degrees in some areas.

If you live in the city of Houston, for now, it seems if it gets down below freezing, it will be brief. However, areas further north and just outside of Houston, towards Conroe, Liberty and even down towards Wharton, the freezing temperatures may stick around a few more hours overnight.

So before you get to bed tonight it’s a good idea to go ahead and make sure you are prepared.

Here are the 4Ps of winter safety:

Protecting people- check on friends and neighbors, especially children and older folks, make sure they have sufficient warmth

Protecting pets- bring your four legged friends inside if possible…pets that have to be left out should have an enclosed shelter with an entrance facing away from the wind

Protecting plants- plants in containers should be brought inside and water outdoor plants before it freezes to add insulation to the soil and the plants and cover them if possible

Finally, Protect your pipes—allow water to drip from faucets, especially those facing exterior walls and open your cabinets

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