GALVESTON, Texas (KIAH) – A man pleaded guilty to murder in an incident that involved the mother of his child and another man, in what police called a love triangle killing.

On Monday, Daron Cordon Gills of Clear Lake pled guilty to murder. The incident involved Gills, his victim, and the mother of Gills’ child, Angelique Campbell who was not hurt.  Gills agreed to a sentence of 40 years in prison.

At around 3 a.m. Saturday, June 12, 2021, Galveston County Sheriff’s Officers responded to reports of a shooting at the home of Angelique Marie Campbell, in Crystal Beach.  When officers arrived they found the body of Jordan Montre Turner-Boxley.

Gills told officers at the scene that he shot Boxley.  According to an affidavit for Gills’ arrest, there was not sign of a struggle in the home, nor any indication that Boxley had been in possession of a weapon.  A Galveston County grand jury indicted both Gills and Campbell for murder. 

After Gills was sentenced, the victim’s mother, Ladenia Boxley, gave a victim impact statement, describing the continuing effects the loss of her son has had on her family.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Barbara Agbu prosecuted the case.  Agbu noted that Gills’ 40-year sentence will ensure that he no longer poses a danger to the community and expressed hope that Gills’ sentence will help Turner-Boxley’s family begin their journey towards healing.

Under Texas law, Gills will be eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence.  Campbell is set for trial on her murder charge February 6, 2023 in the 56th District Court.