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HOUSTON – Now that class is back in session, Houston police took to the streets to remind everyone to be extra careful.

“They need to exercise more patience. Realize there’s gonna be a lot more pedestrian traffic. There’s gonna be a lot of bicycle traffic,” said Lt. Kevin Duggan of HPD’s Traffic Enforcement.

No matter if you’re on two wheels or four, police will be in the zone watching.

Lt. Duggan further stated, “We’re looking for speeding, following too close, disregarding kids in a crosswalk, passing a school bus while it’s loading or unloading, distracted driving.”

One message HPD wants to drive home, put the phones down. Violations in school zones, like texting and driving can easily cost you a few hundred bucks.

It also may be helpful to remember that distractions don’t discriminate.

A Facebook video from Harris County Precinct One Constable’s Office shows kids how to be vigilant, and remind parents to put “cell phones away, and headphones out of their ears.”

Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen’s office advises parents to put toys in their child’s backpacks to help avoid them being distracted while walking, and make sure children know where all sidewalks and crosswalks are on the road. If they’re aware of where the traffic signals are, chances are they will know when it is safe to walk.

If there’s a crossing guard, follow their instructions. Also, when it’s your turn to cross, make eye contact with drivers.

Let’s get in the zone and do our part to curb roadside recklessness.