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HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston may be in line for a local coffee/bakery chain war, as a plan to bring 30 Tim Hortons restaurants to town was announced on Monday.

Ten of the popular Canadian coffee and bakery shops are expected to open in Houston in the next three years, according to the announcement.

Ali and Emad Lakhany, a pair of Houston-area brothers who own and operate 63 Popeyes Louisiana Chicken restaurants across Texas, plan to open and operate the Tim Hortons restaurants.

Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple, serving coffee, donuts and other breakfast food and drinks for almost 60 years. The franchise already has U.S. restaurants in northern states like New York,

“We tried their products and fell in love,” Ali Lakhany said. “They have fresh products at great price point for our customers, which is key for us. In addition, their food and beverage options cater to people of all ages with new and innovative products constantly coming down the pike. Bringing Texans affordable, fresh options that the whole family can enjoy, is exactly what we were looking for.”

The entry of Tim Hortons into the Houston restaurant scene adds to an already crowded field for coffee and donuts, with other national chains like Starbucks, Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme already with several restaurants in town, not to mention the locally-owned Shipley Do-Nuts stores in the area.