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HOUSTON — Houston, we have puppies! Space Center Houston became a pooch pow wow Saturday as Guide Dogs for the Blind hosted its Texas Fun Day— a weekend of events and activities for volunteers who train the youngest of our furry friends.

The event invited 100 puppies from across Texas to ‘moonwalk’ through the center for behavioral lessons, specifically how to behave when attending a museum with their blind companions.

“The exposure that we give our dogs are new in a variety of things; whether that’s growing up in the puppy raiser homes, it’s invaluable to them and their future partners. The visually impaired benefit from the dogs excepting new and different things on a daily basis.” spokesperson Sandi Alasworth said. “Anytime we have the opportunity to give the dogs something new and different and you can’t get more different than this is a very big benefit to for us.”

The event was one small step for puppies in their socialization process, but a giant leap for guide dogs and their clients!