Halloween homeowner safety tips from AAA


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HOUSTON (KIAH) – AAA Texas is reminding trick-or-treaters their families and everyone celebrating Halloween about how to avoid some common hazards. Since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, celebrations will likely be happening all weekend, so drivers, pedestrians and homeowners need to stay alert.

 Homeowner Safety Tips

  • Avoid using lit candles or open flames as decoration. These present a fire hazard as they can easily be knocked over by excited trick or treaters. Instead use LED products made by credible manufacturers. Ensure that all wires and connectors are in good shape and that no wires are exposed. Make sure that all smoke detectors are in good working order with fresh batteries.
  • Ensure that walkways around your home are free of obstructions, such as water hoses, newspapers, garden tools, toys, rocks, and/or Halloween decorations. Also check to make sure sidewalks and porches do not have large cracks or uneven surfaces that could cause trick or treaters to fall.
  • Secure your home as thieves may look for a window of opportunity while you’re away. Make sure all doors and windows are locked, your home is well lit, and if you have a home security alarm, activate it.

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