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HOUSTON (CW39) A FlashMob is happening today in Downtown Houston by an organization called Black Menswear. The organization works to improve the perception of black men and encourages positivity within the black community.

Black Menswear focuses on three community-building pillars: FlashMob photoshoots, culture content creation, and social media influence.

Today’s FlashMob in Downtown Houston will start at 10 a.m.- 12 noon. It will consist roughly of 200-300 black men all gathered in suits for a FlashMob photoshoot. This event is also a great networking opportunity that has produced business partnerships, increased clientele for entrepreneurs, and mentorship groups.

NeAndre Broussard, the founder of Black Menswear is a Houston native and excited to be able to bring this movement back to the city. “This type of event is always timely. With that being said though, hopefully justice is served for George Floyd,” said Broussard.

Broussard believes there is a stereotypical dark cloud lingering over the imagery of black men and strives to change the narrative. “There is so much negative energy being pushed to the next generation of young men, there is a need to combat this with consistent positivity, ” said Broussard.

The FlashMob will also travel to New York in May, Chicago in June, Toronto in July, Detroit in August, Philly in September, Seattle in October, Paris in November, and Miami in December. To find out more click on this link.