HOUSTON (KIAH) — After a months-long battle, the Harris County Bail Bond Board passed a minimum 10% bail requirement.

In some cases, the Sheriff’s Office found some companies only required 2% to be put down, which outraged victims’ families.

Wednesday’s board meeting lasted several hours and was full of passionate public comment.

The minimum 10% doesn’t apply to all crimes, but focuses on major ones like murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, trafficking, kidnapping, and continuous abuse of a family member.

This is the second time that the board voted on the bail requirement this year. Last month, the board didn’t have enough votes to add the requirement, but Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked the city’s representative on the board to put the item back on the agenda.

“I’m very gratified to see the Harris County Bail Bond Board adopt this policy today,” Turner said in a statement. “When judges set high bonds for violent offenses, bail bond companies should not waive or reduce premiums, thus jeopardizing public safety.

“I’m grateful to the advocates, victim families especially, who pushed for this reform, including many elected officials.”