Harris County clerk says chances of election rigging are very slim

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HOUSTON — Voter fraud and election tampering is all the talk these days. According to politico, 73 percent of Republicans surveyed think the election could get jacked from Trump!

So to assure folks that whoever wins, does so fair and square, Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart is busy during early voting setting the record straight. According to Stanart, "Be assured that, 99.999 percent of every mail ballot will be correctly counted."

Still, even though it's very unlikely according to the County Clerk, rigging has happen. Stanart say, "The primary, we had two grand jury indictments of people who committed voter fraud. So it's rare, but it does happened."

Still, folks on the street feel pretty confident the county has it all under control. Stanart adds, "Our electronic voting machines are never connected to the internet. So there's no way that anyone can actually hack the actual results of the vote."

And while the chances are low for a rigged election, Stanart says anybody trying to commit fraud would be found.

"I have high confidence that if there is anything going on, the likely hood of them getting caught are very high. And if someone wants to do it, know that we're coming after them. You can't commit voter fraud and think there's no consequences. We are looking and we'll be coming after you."

So vote your conscience and cast your ballot. And let the county sort out the cheats.





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