HOUSTON (KIAH) — ‘Tis the season for holiday shopping. Whether it’s in person, or on-line, safety is key. And for those buying through social media in-person transactions or market places where you meet in person, law enforcement is aiming at keeping you safe.

The Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office lobby has been designated as a Holiday Safety Exchange Zone during the hours of 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. starting on Monday, Nov. 28. During the designated hours, a deputy will be on-site to oversee transactions by residents who prefer a location away from their homes, to exchange goods purchased online or by classifieds.

Those who would like to make location meeting arrangements should provide the downtown location, 1302 Preston, or the north location, 7300 North Shepherd. This initiative is being offered to help deter fraudulent transactions and assist in maintaining the privacy of residents.

Now, Harris County and the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office do not endorse or criticize these types of exchanges. They do say that if you chose to engage in these types of transactions, this initiative is being offered to enhance safety while these transactions take place, and assist in maintaining order during the process. 

The Constable’s Office and Harris County remind everyone that these law enforcement entities are not responsible for the validity of transactions, and will not be involved in the business conducted amongst participating parties.

For more information on the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office Holiday Safety Exchange Zone, call 713-755-3372.