Harris County judge shuts down smoke shop after HPD reports illegal drugs, gambling, other criminal activity at store

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan’s Office obtained a temporary restraining order to close down the Time Zone Smoke Shop in northwest Houston, according to county prosecutors on Friday.

The shop, which sits at 5853 W. Gulf Bank Rd., is accused of selling synthetic cannabinoids, illegal gambling, and selling alcohol without a permit.

The Houston Police Department Narcotics Division reportedly found laced vaping oil, large amounts of synthetic marijuana, PCP, natural marijuana, synthetic urine, 18 gambling machines, large amounts of cash, alcoholic beverages and numerous credit cards in different names inside the store.

Owners Syed Abidi and his sister, Tabbasum “Tabby” Bhimji, were named in the lawsuit along with the landlord, White Lotus Investments LLC.

The siblings have been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

The district attorney’s office claimed lab reports showed the oil seized at the smoke shop was mixed with synthetic cannabinoids, human made, mind- altering chemicals.  These chemicals are sold as a liquid to be vaped in e-cigarettes or are sprayed on plant material to create “Kush.”

“My office will continue the fight, together with law enforcement and state, county, and city officials, to put a stop to shop owners who sell these dangerous chemicals,” Attorney Vince Ryan said. “We will continue to seek substantial fines against them and shut down their businesses entirely if necessary.”

The restraining order requires that the smoke shop stay closed until the hearing on the temporary injunction set for June 29.



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