HOUSTON (KIAH) – Harris County Pets Resource Center has almost 300 animals over its capacity, currently standing at 758 animals. Up to 40% of animals that are brought to the shelter are surrendered by owners for various reasons and they need a new home.

Currently, all adoptable animals at the HPC are free of charge to a loving home! All of them come spayed or neutered, receive age-appropriate vaccinations (including rabies), microchipped, and receive a one-year pet license.

If you are considering adoption, here are some tips for the best your best experience: 

· Selecting a pet that is suited to your home and lifestyle. Do you have time to walk your dog? Would an older pet be more suitable than an active kitten or puppy?

  • Avoiding impulsive decisions when selecting a family pet. 
  • Owning only the number of pets that you can provide for appropriately.
  • Ensuring that the pet is properly vaccinated, identified and registration is up to date. 

HCP is always welcoming volunteers and foster caring volunteers at their location 612 Canino Road in Houston and if you are interested, contact volunteer@countypets.com or call (281) 999-3191.