HOUSTON (KIAH) — According to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Waymond Wesley has resigned his position. Wesley was hired in March 2021, but was only recently assigned as a prosecutor in the Misdemeanor Trial Bureau, where all of his cases were supervised by a senior prosecutor.

Officials with the District Attorney’s Office claim after Waymond was hired, a series of disparaging and offensive comments Wesley posted on social media came to light. The alleged posts were made nearly seven years ago.

The office became aware of the posts mid-January, and it was determined he could no longer effectively prosecute cases and he was reassigned. Wesley apologized for his offensive comments and explained that they came during a period in which he was struggling with serious personal issues, including alcohol addiction, from which he said he has since recovered from.

In his resignation letter, Wesley noted that “it has grown clear that my presence is becoming a distraction,” and he and the office mutually agreed that it was in the best interests of his career and the District Attorney’s Office that he resign.