Herbicide found in breakfast cereal and heavy metals in baby food, multiple reports say

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HOUSTON — Your morning Cheerios might be contaminated and your baby’s food could be, too.

Environmental research and advocacy groups found traces of herbicide in Quaker Oats and other breakfast foods that could increase cancer risk for kids.

However, don’t throw out your General Mills just yet!

Researchers said the products are safe and meet quality standards. According to Dietician and lactation consultant Melissa Gause, contaminates in food is a common concern, but moderation is key.

“It is a concern but it is impossible to eliminate everything through and so just emphasis on moderation and variety is important,” Gause said.

Moderation is key, especially with processed baby food. Store bought baby food does meet FDA regulations, however, they still contain traces of heavy metals.

A new analysis from Consumer Reports suggest parents may want to limit their baby’s intake of packaged baby food. More specifically, those jars of Beech-Nut, which have shown higher levels of naturally occurring arsenic.

Now these baby foods are still safe and healthy. However, nutritionist recommend rotating the cereals with other baby foods to reduce the risk of exposer to heavy metals.

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