HISD coach keeps students active during COVID-19

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HOUSTON- Through distance learning, students are still exercising their brains, but what about their bodies? Coach Austin Obeng of Black Middle School and Waltrip High School found a way to connect with his students and keep them active by emailing them workouts every school day.

“That first week I kind of thought I was doing it in vain, I didn’t think kids were really paying attention, but then I started getting text messages and emails saying ‘Hey, thank you for the workout, please keep sending them',"said Obeng.

He writes up the workouts and emails them to the students each morning at 9:00 a.m.

“I initially just sent it out to my track team, but I was like, ‘Oh let me include my football, basketball, swim team," explained Obeng.

The athletes are taking on the assignments and some are asking for more.

“I expect the best from my kids and they expect the best from me, so we challenge each other. There has been some workouts I’ve sent before like, ‘Hey coach, that was a little was a little easy, let’s pick it up a little bit.’ So hey, want to turn it up? I am here to turn it up for you," said Obeng.

Coach Obeng says the full-body workouts he sends do not require equipment so he tells the students to add on where they can, and some are getting creative.

“I have one video where a kid is climbing a pole like a rope, climbs up to the top and then he does his pull ups from the top which was amazing. I just love seeing how inventive these kids are in coming up with things and just pushing their bodies to the most," explained Obeng.

Coach Obeng’s assignment to all of us is to get up and get moving! He says it will do our bodies and minds some good.

“That’s why I tell the kids to include their family members, cousins, brothers, sisters, parents. I hope everybody is getting out doing something everyday. Take your mind off the problem, the issue we have going on right now. It's always good to clear your mind, get your body out there, get moving," said Obeng.

Coach Obeng does the workouts everyday along with his wife and son and says he’ll keep sending them out. He says he’s excited to see how his students are progressing once they are all back in school.


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