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HOUSTON – There was no holding back when the HISD School Board met Thursday night to discuss a controversial new textbook.

“We will continue fighting to have TEA reject this book because it’s full of inaccuracies…stereotypes,” civil rights activist Augustine Dinero vowed.

The book is supposed to be about Mexican-American history, but some critics say it’s full of errors and full of hate.

“I hope that we’re paying attention!” HISD board member Jolanda Jones said. “And again, to the non-Latinos out there…I stand with you.”

A state Board of Education trustee created a committee that found 68 factual errors in the book…….but who’s counting?

“I am also sitting on this board as an immigrant to this country, an illegal immigrant to this country as a child,” HISD board member Dana Davila declared. “And I always like to say, I’m not the exception to the rule- but the rule!”

Even Mayor Sylvester Turner has called out the book for being racially offensive. “I think I should speak out,” he stated. “Someone’s opinion should not be embedded within books that we are paying for with tax dollars.”

Cynthia Dunbar from the company that publishes the book says “the last thing in the world that we want this book to do is to promote any kind of negative impression of Mexican-Americans.”

Still, many local leaders hope the Texas Board of Education will ‘turn the page’ on this controversial book, and turn it down when it comes up for a vote later this year.