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HITCHCOCK, Texas — Residents of Hitchcock are rising up for quite a standoff!

But, the standoff isn’t with some criminal group— it’s between the mayor and the police chief!

Apparently, the trouble has been brewing for awhile since many social media posts indicate Hitchcock’s current mayor, Dorothy Childress, has been systematically dismantling the city’s police department, and now they say the rogue mayor hopes to railroad the police chief out of office, too.

“This mayor stepped in, and the police department’s been reduced from 21 officers down to eight,” longtime Hitchcock resident John Bertolino Sr. said. “My son is one of those eight officers.”

On Thursday night, Hitchcock city commissioners voted 3 – 2 to terminate Hitchcock Police Chief John Hamm.

According to a Galveston County Daily News report, some city officials may be thinking of replacing the city police department by having the county sheriff’s office patrol the area instead.

There’s speculation the downsized police department could have someone pocketing extra money, too.

“And they’re trying to make ends meet by gutting the police department,” Bertolino added.

But now residents are up in arms because they say they didn’t elect Childress, who was appointed last year by the Hitchcock city commissioners, and some voters want their duly elected police chief, Hamm, to keep serving their community.

“He’s done great things in this city, and he’s brought this city together like nothing I’ve seen in several decades,” Bertolino said.

Fellow Hitchcockian Manda Barrett agreed.

“And crime’s not going to go away by getting rid of the police department,” Bertolino warned.