HOUSTON (KIAH) — Reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn abortion rights came swift on Friday, especially in Texas and in Houston.

As expected, the reaction of the ruling is going down party lines, with most Democrats being angry with the decision, while Republicans are in agreement with the decision.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) said that the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a “chilling and incomprehensible decision.”

“This decision unravels 50 years of precedent and settled law,” Turner said in a statement. “I have always believed a woman has a right to choose and make personal decisions about her health care. I believe abortion is part of comprehensive reproductive health care and support the right to choose as fundamental to each person’s autonomy. Individuals and their doctors should make personal life decisions.”

Turner then encouraged those who are angry of the decision to vote in the coming elections. “If people are concerned about the direction of this country, I encourage them to show up at the ballot box and exercise their right to vote in November and every election,” he said.

Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee (D) said that while Texas will effectively ban abortion, he will try to work for women’s rights in the county.

“For years, Texans have faced numerous, unnecessary barriers to seeking an abortion, and for months have dealt with a near total ban,” Menefee said in a statement. “Now, it will be nearly impossible to obtain a safe and legal abortion in this state. The Supreme Court’s conservative bloc has set our country back fifty years, letting states like Texas take away women’s ability to make decisions about their own health care.

“Every single woman in this country should have the right to make health care decisions with their doctor. I remain committed to supporting the full scope of reproductive rights and will continue to advocate for the fundamental rights of the people of Harris County,” Menefee continued.

Harris County Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis (D) also slammed the decision, calling it “betrayal of justice and a violation of our fundamental freedoms.”

“People should be trusted to make their own decisions about abortion and reproductive health instead of being criminalized, dehumanized and controlled by extremists and the politicians who do their bidding,” Ellis continued. “In Texas, abortion access has long been on the brink and out of reach, especially for women of color, those struggling to make ends meet and other vulnerable Texans. We must do everything in our power to ensure that Texans are able to access abortion care.”

Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton (D) said that he would make the final decision to “prosecute, or decline prosecution, in abortion cases.”

“As the elected District Attorney of Fort Bend County, I serve the people of Fort Bend County and I am sworn to uphold the Constitution, to seek justice, and to ensure equal justice under the law,” Middleton said in a statement. “As stated by Thomas Aquinas, ‘Mercy without justice is the mother of all dissolution and justice without mercy is cruelty.’”

Meanwhile, Republicans have celebrated the ruling. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) said that due to Texas’ “trigger law,” abortion has been effectively banned in the state.

“Media estimates report that as many as 62 million innocent lives have been ended since the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade in 1973,” Patrick said in a statement. “Words cannot do that unfathomable number justice. The left will surely fight to keep the abortion industry alive in Texas, but they will fail.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling is an acknowledgement of the truth: when an abortion is performed, a human life is ended. This watershed victory is not just a victory for innocent life, but a victory for all of humanity,” Patrick said.