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HOUSTON — Reginald Charles Adams is on a mission: to beautify the city just in time for Super Bowl LI.

Adams and a group of artists have been creating powerful murals around town, leaving many in awe of their creations.

On Tuesday, Newsfix caught up with Adams at the Cuney Homes, a housing development across Texas Southern University where some of the colorful and innovative work can be seen. Adams explained how the project came to be.

“In the fall of 2016, city council member Amanda Edwards reached out and expressed her interest in beautifying the city with mural projects but more importantly engaging youth and residence in the design and production,” Adams said.

The talented team who crafted together these painting are no overnight sensation. In fact, they are veterans with over two decades of experience, whose creations are empowering Bayou City youth. It’s safe to say Edwards knocked the ball out the park when she chose Adams to lead this project.

The children of Cuney Homes played a huge role in what some may call a community masterpiece.

“The ideas for this mural came directly from the kids who participated in the design phase. It was about 50 kids, as young as 5-years-old to teenagers, that help inspire the vision for this mural,” Adams said.

Adams said he feels honored to be a part of engaging the local children in something that’s so monumental to the city.

CEO Amy Malkan of The Malkan Group was the lead artist for the Curney Homes empowerment mural.

Malkan displayed pure excitement in her role of this particular project because the takeaway message for youth is priceless, she said.

“I want them to use this as an anchor. I want them to see ‘if I can do this and I’m not an artist what else am I capable of doing?’ That if they want to be a doctor, it’s possible. Doesn’t matter where they grew up,” Malkan said.

Adams has been commissioned to do four murals for the Super Bowl. The next one the team is brewing up will be at the Breakfast Klub in Downtown. Adams said the mural will highlight seven of Houston’s greatest professional athletes.

It’s called ‘The Heart of a Champion.’