Houston attorneys file latest wrongful death lawsuit in Boeing flight crash

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Three Houston-based attorneys are pursuing the latest wrongful death lawsuit against the Boeing Company after the Ethiopian air flight crash.

Hassan Abdi lost his 29-year-old brother Mucaad Abdalla in the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Now, Nomi Husain Floyd Weisner and Omar Khawaja have filed suit against Boeing on behalf of Abdalla.

The suit alleges Boeing “put profits over safety” when it did not properly train pilots on changes to the 737 max.

The attorneys are not asking for a specific amount of money and say they will let a jury to decide what’s fair. The suit is filed in Chicago, where Boeing is headquartered.

In a video statement last week, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg expressed his condolences to the families of victims killed in the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes.


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