Houston bar refuses to show NFL games this season

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HOUSTON — Bar food, beer and football could be a tradition coming to an end. A local bar will no longer show NFL games as a form of protest.

This season, the NFL changed its policy for players regarding the National Anthem. Players are no longer required to be on the field before games while the Star Spangled Banner plays. However, they are allowing teams to discipline those players who protest publicly during the song.

It’s the NFL’s attempt to end the anthem controversy, but Henry Hudson’s Pub in northwest Houston is taking a different approach. The bar shared in a Facebook post that they will not be purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket and feel the League and the media are using the debate to divide our country.

The bar says football is for entertainment and should be neither political nor educational. Henry Hudson’s Pub says they fully support anyone’s right to raise awareness for their issues and causes, but the football field just isn’t the place.

The post goes on to say, “It’s not about the message, it is about the timing and the way it is being delivered. If it does not change soon, we will be an NFL free zone.”

The post has received hundreds of  comments and many shares. We reached out to the owner for comment but have not heard back. An employee we spoke to said that she is surprised with how much buzz the boycott has attracted, adding, “People are already boycotting the NFL, it just made sense.”



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